Go Campus Athletics Scholarship Programs

The Go Campus Athletic Scholarship Program is designed to give international student-athletes the opportunity to study at American colleges and universities while practicing their sport and receiving a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based upon each student’s academic potential, athletic potential, complete application, motivation to get involved in the campus community and in the varsity team, and universities’ athletic recruiting goals.

Go Campus is proud to partner with colleges and universities in all divisions of the NCAA and NAIA. Each university leagues and each particular institution have specific rules governing eligibility and participation in intercollegiate athletics. Go Campus closely works with its partner institutions’ athletic departments to determine and oversee student-athlete eligibility.

Men and Women’s Athletics*

• Soccer
• Basketball
• Swimming
• Golf
• Track and field

*These are some of the sports offered on the Athletic Scholarship Program. Please contact your Go Campus representative if you would like to find out if a scholarship for a specific sport is possible.


Are you an amateur tennis player competing at a high level? The Go Campus Tennis Scholarship Program is designed for talented students tennis players looking to participate in intercollegiate athletics and receive athletic scholarships.


  • Free evaluation of athletic resume and video by professionals.
  • Real chance of receiving a full athletic scholarship.
  • Expertise of the eligibility and athletic requirements to guide students through the screening and admission process.
  • Introduction to the specific American campus life and student-athlete life.


  • Amateur tennis players at a high level. (Ranking is preferable but not required).
  • Students currently enrolled in last year of high school.
  • High school graduates.
  • University students in their first or second year.
  • Students proficient in English