Departure Checklist

August is here and marks the beginning of the Fall semester for colleges and university across North America! International students

dream come true

The “Admission Post Bac” platform used in France by high school students to apply for higher education has recently put

Making new friends

My name is Charlotte and I’ve been studying at a university in Utah since last August. Go Campus helped


Every student starting college or university will face many new challenges: new pace of work, busy schedules, harder projects, and

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You’ll find out everything at orientation!” How many times have you heard this as you prepare for your first year

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College Sports in the US

When speaking of college sports in the US most people think of the student-athlete who received a scholarship to train full

Registering for College Classes

For many international students, having the ability to choose the classes they will be taking at college is a brand

Extracurricular Activities

Higher education in North America takes place as much in the classroom as outside of it. Taking part in extracurricular

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A new roommate can become a lifelong friend!

One of the quintessential American college experiences is to live with a roommate. This will certainly be a new practice for

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Classroom engagement in North America

One of the many reasons international students choose to study in the US or Canada is for the flexibility of

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