About Us

As a result of demand from our current and former participants to continue their studies in North America, ASSE and its affiliates founded Go Campus University Programs.

Go Campus utilizes its large network of partner institutions to locate suitable university options and scholarship opportunities traditionally limited to North American residents.

The Program presents several university options/scholarships compatible with each student’s qualifications and goals. University options are secured based upon the following criteria: areas of study, geographic region, social factors, size, institutional ranking, campus life and yearly costs defined by the participant.

Participants can begin or continue with an undergraduate or graduate degree path in the United States or Canada. English as a Second Language (ESL) study may also be pursued.

The Go Campus Program is an introduction to the specific North American educational system and campus life, providing personal assistance at every step of the screening and admission process. The Program provides no financial risk to the participant. If the student is not presented with suitable university choices/options, a full refund is provided.



Participating Institutions

Participating Countries