Go Campus Requirements

The Go Campus programs are accessible to high school and university students of all nationalities, academic levels and English proficiency. Check out the table below to find out which Go Campus program you can apply to!

Level of EducationGPAEnglish Level
UndergraduateHigh School & University Students2.5/4.0All levels*
GraduateUniversity Students3.0/4.0All levels*
AthleticHigh School Students2.5/4.0TOEFL/IELTS required
TennisHigh School & University Students2.5/4.0TOEFL/IELTS required
ESLHigh School & University StudentsN/AAll levels*

* Students wishing to start with an ESL program are NOT required to take TOEFL/IELTS. However, we highly recommend every student to take TOEFL/IELTS as a few ESL programs will require a minimum TOEFL/IELTS score. IT can only bring more options to the student!

Colleges & Universities Requirements

Admission requirements established by North American colleges and universities are very diverse and demanding. Academic, extracurricular, and personal achievements are considered in the evaluation of a candidate, usually including the following requirements:

• Academics Requirements.
• Aptitude Requirements.
• English Language Proficiency Requirement.
• Competency Requirement.
• Financial Requirements.

Since every institution in North America has different admission requirements standards, each individual will be advised and guided trough the specific admission process required by the recruiting institution.


Go Campus students, who have earned college-level course credits in their home country comparable to the course credits in the North American educational system, will be able to transfer those credits to the North American institution. Most institutions require foreign transcripts to be evaluated by a third party.