Academic Scholarship Programs

The Go Campus Academic Scholarship Program is designed for international students to receive university options and scholarship opportunities to study at select accredited North American colleges and universities.

Main objectives and steps

1. To recruit, screen and qualify students who are suitable to study at North American colleges and universities. Go Campus participants are dedicated to academic and cultural learning.

2. To carefully match the participant’s profile with the institution’s philosophy, taking into consideration location, academics, social factor, cost, size, prestige, public vs. private, campus life and religious affiliation among others.

3. To present Go Campus participants with scholarship offers from colleges and universities in North America.

4. To guide and support each participant through the application and admission process at their chosen school.

Scholarships are awarded based upon each student’s academic potential, complete application, and motivation to get involved in the campus community.

Fluency in English is not mandatory to participate in the Go Campus program. Participants have access to English as a Second Language (ESL) courses enabling them to pursue a full course course of study in their chosen discipline and attain their university degree.