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The word “scholarship” is translatable across the world: “bourse d’étude” in France, “stipendium” in Germany, “beca” in Spanish, etc. However,

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study abroad experience

This is Andy from China, here to tell you about my study abroad experience. I am a sophomore currently pursuing

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As some of you may know, spring break has begun (or is right around the corner) for most college students.


When people think about universities in the United States, everybody has the same idea, which comes from movies and TV

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Studying in the United States is a wonderful experience for the reason that the American academic system is qualified as

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international college student

In order to explain a day as an international college student at Troy, I think it is important for you

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fear of bad grades

January marked the beginning of a new semester or even the first semester for many international students. When we jump


Each year, during International Education Week, we celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. Schools, colleges and universities,

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Here is a question students often wonder about, and the answer is no, you do not. Proficiency of the English

Letter to International Students

Corentin from France is starting his second year as an international student in the USA and shares his thoughts with

Starting College in the Spring

One of the great advantage of the North American educational system is having the possibility of starting college in the