A typical day as an international college student

international college student

In order to explain a day as an international college student at Troy, I think it is important for you to understand that there is no typical day or typical routine. My days are very different and I always meet new people and new challenges. My schedule changes every day and the amount of homework is different from week to week.

But let me explain how a day can be. I only have one class on Monday’s so I will talk about a typical Tuesday to give a better picture of my classes.

My day starts at 10 am…

where I have a Psychology of Wellness class. I am an Exercise Science major so this is one of the classes that I have to take for my major. I love this class because we learn about the different aspects of psychology that we use in sports, and this is one of the things that I can choose to specialize in and use my bachelor degree for.

At 11:30 I go to my next class…

which is Math: Pre-Algebra. This is the last math class I have to take, which I am kind of excited about because I am not a big fan of math. I’m thinking that many of you might wonder how it is so learn something like math in a different language, and I honestly don’t think that the different language makes it harder. The teachers are usually very sweet and understanding when you let them know that you are an international student so they will explain everything if you just ask.

Next I go to my history class which is called World History since 1500. For me this class is not hard. My teacher just talks the whole class and that can get a little boring sometimes, but my teacher is a funny old man so he makes a lot of jokes to lighten the mood. He also absolutely loves to point me out when there is something about Denmark in the lesson.

After these classes I have a break which is 2 hours long

I usually meet up with my fiancé or friends to eat lunch, at one of the many restaurants on campus, or I’ll go to the library and do some homework.

At 4 pm I have my next class…

which is Psychology. This is a pretty long class and it goes all the way to 7:50 pm. But my teacher is often sweet and tries to let us out early (I mean come on, who wants to be in school until 8 pm?).

After this class I usually go home and do homework or I meet up with friends. I know that it seems like a really long day, and it is, but then my other days are shorter and I have more time to do fun stuff those days.

I know a concern of mine was if I would get any friends when I came here, and like I said in the start of the post, you meet so many new people every day and most people love international students!

I hope that this gave an insight in how a typical day with classes can be, it might sound boring but I promise you that there is always a lot of stuff going on!

Emma is a 21 year old Danish student. Her major is Exercise Science and she is a Sophomore at Troy university. She came to Troy in 2016 to study for a year but met her fiancé and decided to stay. She loves to help the new international students to figure everything out when they come to Troy and also to talk to people who are considering to come and be an international student. Emma has been blogging since her first year at university, starting with a Danish blog for My Education. She now writes for Go Campus in the USA and has also started her own personal blog.

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