Spring Break – Tips & Advice for International Students

As some of you may know, spring break has begun (or is right around the corner) for most college students. I don’t really know why they decided to give us a break here but it sure it nice! It’s now been two months since we started school and to be honest I think that it’s time for a break from exams, assignments and no sleep.

Student Life on a Small Campus

When people think about universities in the United States, everybody has the same idea, which comes from movies and TV shows. We imagine many different parties, sororities, fraternities, enormous classrooms, and so on, and everything seem so unreal and magical. Read More …

A typical day as an international college student

international college student

In order to explain a day as an international college student at Troy, I think it is important for you to understand that there is no typical day or typical routine. My days are very different and I always meet Read More …

Fear of Bad Grades

fear of bad grades

January marked the beginning of a new semester or even the first semester for many international students. When we jump into a whole new environment, teaching methods, and higher education level classes, we are always afraid of not performing But Read More …