Student and University Fairs

Student and University Fairs

Student and university fairs are events that take place all around the world and where representatives of Go Campus are often present. The number one reason you should attend a fair if there is one happening near you, is for the opportunity to meet face to face with our representatives and have all your questions answered.

Finding the Right Fairs

As the aim of the fairs is to help students with their choice for the coming year, most of them will take place between January and April. To find out if our representatives will be attending a fair near you, follow us on social media, check out our website or get in touch directly. Info sessions are also regularly scheduled where you are welcome to attend and ask your questions to Go Campus representatives.

Prepare your Questions

It’s always good to do a bit of your own research before attending a fair. Make sure you check out our website and online brochure. This will give you an idea of the programs available to you and help you prepare some questions to ask the representatives at the fair.

Parents in China are learning about the Go Campus program from current students sharing their experience.
Busy day at a student and university fair in Serbia!

Get Personalized Advice

Meeting a representative in person will help them give you personal advice on the Go Campus programs and determine which one is the best fit for you. Be ready to provide as much information about yourself as possible: subjects studied, grades, extracurricular, sports, ambitions, etc. Go Campus is proud to present competitive scholarship opportunities for all students of different academic levels.

Meet an Alumnus!

We always try to coordinate with past or current students to attend the fair with the representatives. It’s the chance for you to chat with a student who not long ago stood where you are trying to make the same decision, and get some firsthand feedback from Go Campus alumni.

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