Study Abroad Experience

study abroad experience

This is Andy from China, here to tell you about my study abroad experience. I am a sophomore currently pursuing Psychology and Economics majors and Music minor Bachelor’s degrees at Illinois College in the United States. I am very grateful about studying in a small liberal arts college where strong interpersonal connections exist. There are various active clubs and student organizations all around campus which provide massive amounts of opportunities for students to develop their communication and other comprehensive skills. The school also strives to facilitate students with abundant academic experiential resources such as study abroad and breakaway opportunities. All these factors help this campus stand out as an institution which focuses on establishing meaningful and life-long beneficial education.

In terms of determining what majors to pursue as a college student, I made my own choice which solely depended on my interest. This might sound irrational to some, but since all talents are needed by society, I personally believe that this is the right way. If students’ interest is not confined to one field of studies, he or she may have the opportunity to choose two majors to study. Cramming one more major into students’ schedules can be tough sometimes, but with the guidance from academic advisers that each student would be in touch with, things will be successfully resolved.

Overall, my study abroad experience has been fulfilling and rewarding and I would not hesitate to recommend Illinois College to everyone.

Sandrine first became an international student when she was 10 years old and hasn’t stopped since. Over the years, she has studied/worked in France, England, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and the USA. She brings her passion of travel and writing together to inspire students to embark on their journey around the world and discover its many cultures.

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