Spring Break – Tips & Advice for International Students

As some of you may know, spring break has begun (or is right around the corner) for most college students. I don’t really know why they decided to give us a break here but it sure it nice! It’s now been two months since we started school and to be honest I think that it’s time for a break from exams, assignments and no sleep.

For all of you who don’t know, spring break is a very big thing here. In a school year, we have thanksgiving break where everybody is with the family, then we have Christmas which obviously is also a more relaxing “staying-in” kind of holiday and then we have spring break. Spring break is what is would say is “for the friends”. This is the break where most people go to the beach or travel with their best friends from college and to honest, I love it. I mean how awesome is it to just get your mind of school and spend some quality time with your favourite people?

Most people will go to the beaches. Some popular ones are Panama City Beach, Daytona, and Miami. Other people might travel further. I have some friend who are going to The Bahamas and Hawaii.

I will spend the break in Ocala, Florida with my fiancé and a bunch of people at our friend’s lake house. We are just going to lay out in the sun, relax and have a good time, so let’s hope that the weather will allow it! Our friend has a boat so we will probably go out on that and maybe we will go to Orlando or something fun.

Yuri from Italy enjoying his trip to California

Pedro from Portugal enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the USA

Lisa from Italy posing in front of the Golden Gate bridge.

Some good advice for people who are going on spring break or might go in the future

Set a budget and stick to it

I know it from myself, I’m with my friends and doing a lot of fun stuff and then suddenly all of my money is spent. Try to make a budget for the different things that you will spend money on like food, fun, shopping and alcohol if you’re over 21

Plan the trip

Do yourself a favor and plan your trip ahead, especially if you are going on a road trip. There will often be something that will go wrong but if you have a good plan for the trip it’s less likely to happen and that way you won’t have to stress about it


Stay with your friends and make sure that you take care of yourself. That way it will be easier to enjoy the trip.

Often people will be drinking and that’s just the way it is but make sure that you don’t get sick and drink water if you are in a warm place. Also, wear sunscreen! If you get burnt on the first day, I promise you that the rest of the trip will not be as fun!

Have fun

Enjoy the break to the fullest because it is hard to be a college student and sometimes we need (and deserves) to just turn of the brain and enjoy not thinking about assignments and other school stuff. Have fun, get a tan, make some good memories, and take a nap!

Might sounds like your mom (lol) but I hope everybody who is going on break is going to have an amazing AND safe week!

Emma is a 21 year old Danish student. Her major is Exercise Science and she is a Sophomore at Troy university. She came to Troy in 2016 to study for a year but met her fiancé and decided to stay. She loves to help the new international students to figure everything out when they come to Troy and also to talk to people who are considering to come and be an international student. Emma has been blogging since her first year at university, starting with a Danish blog for My Education. She now writes for Go Campus in the USA and has also started her own personal blog.

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