Every student starting college or university will face many new challenges: new pace of work, busy schedules, harder projects, and many more. As an international student, you will also face another challenge, that of pursuing an education in a languageContinue Reading
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“You’ll find out everything at orientation!” How many times have you heard this as you prepare for your first year as a Go Campus student? All colleges and universities in North America hold an orientation for the new incoming students.Continue Reading
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College Sports in the US
When speaking of college sports in the US most people think of the student-athlete who received a scholarship to train full time on the varsity team with the hope of going professional after college. However, the options of playing a sportContinue Reading
Registering for College Classes
For many international students, having the ability to choose the classes they will be taking at college is a brand new experience. Although being able to put together your own schedule is a wonderful advantage, there are a couple importantContinue Reading
Extracurricular Activities
Higher education in North America takes place as much in the classroom as outside of it. Taking part in extracurricular activities is a resourceful way for international students to get involved in the American culture, meet new friends and discoverContinue Reading
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