College Sports in the US: What Are Your Options?

College Sports in the US

When speaking of college sports in the US most people think of the student-athlete who received a scholarship to train full time on the varsity team with the hope of going professional after college. However, the options of playing a sport at college or university are not just limited to this. Students of all levels can play sports during their college years. So what are your sport options as a Go Campus student?

Varsity Intercollegiate Sports

Joining the varsity team of a college or university means playing at a highly competitive level. Many consider being on the varsity team as a full-time job and players are often referred to as student-athletes. If you join the varsity team you will have the chance to represent your school when competing against other institutions with the athletic division.

All students accepted on the Go Campus Athletic Scholarship Program are selected by the coach and guaranteed a scholarship and a spot on the varsity team. However, highly skilled students who come through the Go Campus Academic Scholarship program can also try to join the varsity team by participating in the tryouts at the beginning of the year.

Intramural and Club Sports

For students who see sport as more of a hobby, a way to have fun and meet people, the best option is to join an intramural or clubs sport. Most colleges and university offer a variety of sports at this level. They are run by students and much less competitive than varsity sports, with a friendly rivalry between the teams within the school. It’s a great way to continue playing the sport you love and be involved in the student life on campus.

Cheering for Sports

Maybe you prefer to enjoy sports from the comfort of a seat rather than on the field? With the popularity of sports at college, you will have many opportunities to cheer for your team. From a social tailgating to the big Homecoming game, you should not miss the unique and exciting experience of attending a live college game.

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