College Classes “A la Carte”

Registering for College Classes

For many international students, having the ability to choose the classes they will be taking at college is a brand new experience. Although being able to put together your own schedule is a wonderful advantage, there are a couple important things to keep in mind when choosing and registering for college classes.

Make sure you take enough classes. The North American educational system is based on credits. Most colleges and universities require students to complete at least 120 credits to obtain their bachelor’s degree. With the Go Campus program, your annual cost is calculated based on at least 30 credits per academic year to be able to graduate in four years. As an international student you are also required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credits per semester to maintain your immigration status.

Start with classes related to your major. Depending on your major, you will have to complete certain courses to receive a degree in that program. So if you have already decided on a major, be certain to enroll in all the required classes. For this, your academic advisor will be able to help you plan your schedule and make sure you are taking the necessary prerequisites, if any.

Be smart with your electives. Elective classes allow you to pursue your interests or explore new ones. If you are still uncertain about your major, elective classes can be a great way to test out different fields!

You might not have a say on everything. Almost every college and university requires students to complete a core curriculum at the beginning of their degree. Therefore, be ready to have some classes imposed on you, which you will have to complete no matter what. It is part of the North American educational system’s goal to help students become well-rounded individuals. You should see it as an opportunity to broaden your knowledge!

As each institution has its own system and deadlines in place to register for classes, Go Campus cannot advise individual students on these procedures. Please contact your academic advisor with any questions about choosing and registering for college classes.

Sandrine first became an international student when she was 10 years old and hasn’t stopped since. Over the years, she has studied/worked in France, England, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and the USA. She brings her passion of travel and writing together to inspire students to embark on their journey around the world and discover its many cultures.

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