Spring Break – Tips & Advice for International Students

As some of you may know, spring break has begun (or is right around the corner) for most college students. I don’t really know why they decided to give us a break here but it sure it nice! It’s now been two months since we started school and to be honest I think that it’s time for a break from exams, assignments and no sleep.

Moving Out for the Summer

The struggle of packing and moving

Photo credit: Huffington Post Although you probably arrived on campus tired and jet-lagged, moving into your student housing at the beginning of the year was filled with excitement! It’s now time to move out for the summer, the excitement is gone Read More …

Travelling Home this Summer?

Flying Home

Many students have now made it through Finals Week, celebrated the end of the school year and are preparing for the summer holidays! What are you doing this summer? Travelling home to see your family? Road-tripping the West Coast? Taking a Read More …